What is the difference between the 4 week onsite, and the 11 week online class?

There are benefits to both the 4 week onsite TEFL course, and the 11 week online TEFL course, and ultimately the choice is up to you.  History proves that the overwhelming majority of people take the online course.  This post is here to highlight the main differences for you.

TIME: It is necessary to understand what your time commitment will be to your TEFL course.  If you work or are a full time student, and you plan on working or going to school while taking your TEFL course, than you should consider the online 11 week course.  While taking the online course, you need to commit an average of 12 hours to homework per week.  The 4 week onsite course is intensive!  You will have class a minimum of 8 hours a day, with the possibility of having 2 hours of practice teaching as well.  Plus in addition to that, 3-6 hours of homework after that.    Needless to say, you will not have time for much else than to sleep and eat!






MONEY:  The cost for the online 11 week course is $1,395 and the cost for the onsite 4 week course is $1,699 if you register more than ninety days in advance.  As you can see there is a considerable price difference between the two courses.  Here in Nicaragua, we develop relationships with our students that extend beyond the 4 week TEFL course, and offer the personal touches needed to to make you feel comfortable while you are here.  Also, there are opportunities to ask our instructors questions, within a reasonable amount of time, after your daily instruction.

The other benefit to the 11 week online course is that unless you are taking the 4 week onsite course in your hometown, you will also save the money on housing, food, and entertainment while taking the online course.  So there is a double incentive to save money by taking the online course.


Quality Online Program

QUALITY: But is the online course the same quality as the onsite course?

Absolutely!  The online course and the onsite course use the same worldwide accredited curriculum, and exceeds the standards set by the British Council.  All the online instructors are university level instructors, and have specialized degrees in the field.  Plus, there are two bonus modules for business professionals, and young learners that you can take as well, giving you 200 hours of instruction that will be written on your certificate.  Most other online courses are 120 hours.  Plus, this can be done anywhere in the world with an internet connection, no need to worry about what time zone you are in.


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