6 Steps to Teaching Abroad in Nicaragua

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Editor’s note: This article was updated 3/27/2018

6 Steps to Teaching Abroad in Nicaragua

1) Download a brochure explaining teaching English in Nicaragua.   Learn why getting your TEFL Certification in Nicaragua will prepare you to be a highly qualified, and highly desirable English teacher.

2) Speak to a professional advisor in Nicaragua. Our branch in Nicaragua is a franchise of ITA in Chicago, USA, and its owners have lived and worked in Nicaragua for over 5 years.  We can help answer any questions you may have and help you pick the class and schedule that is best for you.  We will assist you on housing options, teaching requirements, job interview procedures.  Call us at 708-357-3353.

3) Choose a TEFL/ TESOL class.  We will help you to choose the class option that is best for you. Select from an on location 4 week onsite course, 1 week Hybrid course, or 11 week online course.

4) Register for your class on this website.  We can help you understand the process to enroll and register for your TEFL class.

5)Complete your TEFL course, and start your job search for English teaching jobs in Nicaragua or world wide. If you are planning on staying in Nicaragua, you can start applying to schools from our preferred network before you graduate from class.  


6) Start living your dreams.  Begin by earning your TEFL certification in Nicaragua.


Watch the video interview of Tyler, a recent ITA Nicaragua course graduate.

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