7 Expert Tips For Getting a Job Teaching English in Nicaragua



Typical salary for English teachers in Nicaragua

  • Depending on city and your level of education, $300 – $800 US dollars. Certified teachers from the US/Canada for example at the more prestigious schools in Managua with a Master’s degree can earn up to $1200 a month, but this is not typical.

Types of students most teachers teach in Nicaraguaanna-pic-1

  • Children at bilingual schools
  • University students and working professionals at private language schools

Typical school year, and peak hiring season

  • Nicaragua is one of the few countries that enjoys a year round hiring season, with peak start up time in February.
  • In Nicaragua, most schools begin their year in January or February, and end the first week of December. So they effectively have a two month break between December and February.


Typical hours worked in a given week

  • Most teachers work on a part time basis at one or two schools, and work 25 – 35 hours a week. This does not include planning or prep time.
  • Bi-lingual schools are in session from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm generally speaking.
  • Most private language centers are in session weekends or evenings to cater to university students, and working professionals.


Typical contract length

  • At bilingual schools teaching children, teachers will likely sign a contract for the balance of the year. Because we are the first TEFL/TESOL training center in the country, our graduates are in very high demand.
  • At private language centers, their schedules are slightly different and they use cycles that can be as long as 14 weeks, and as short as 5 weeks depending on school. If you do a good job, you will likely be hired back.

  Typical way to find a job

  • Most of our grads either find work by relationships formed during their TEFL/TESOL course here in Leon; either directly via one of our job fairs hosted by the academy, or by one of the directors meeting you personally during our course.
  • In person interviews means actually going to each school location, and asking for an interview with the director. Start with our job search guidance manual.  (You will be given access to this once you begin your class.)
  • It is becoming more popular for teachers to email school directors and set up an interview in advance, however in smaller markets and communities (for example in a beach towns) you will have to hustle, and knock on some doors.

Students at Projecto Barriletes in Leon, Nicaragua


Housing accommodations while teaching English

  • In most instances, the school where you are applying at will assist you in finding housing. At the very least, they will likely point you in the direction of housing either where other English teachers are living, or with a family member.  Keep in mind that our grads are highly desirable, and the director of that school is not going to want to assist you as much as possible.
  • During your TEFL course, we recommend housing within walking distance to the TEFL Academy that starts at US$170/ month for single accommodations.

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