7 Expert Tips For Getting a Job Teaching English in Nicaragua

Editors Note: Last updated on March 5th, 2018

Our English teaching job experts here in Leon/Las Peñitas Nicaragua at our 4 week TEFL/TESOL certification center compiled this list for finding jobs teaching English in Nicaragua.


1. Go to Nicaragua! Pretty simple first step, but it’s true! Coming to Nicaragua and immersing yourself in the culture is a great way to start off your English teaching endeavors. Schools in Nicaragua don’t interview potential teachers beforehand, so it’s important to be onsite and interviewing in person after getting TEFL/TESOL Certified. Plus it is a cost effective destination, just a few hours from North America.


2. Get your TEFL /TESOL certification on the beach! Taking our 4 week TEFL/TESOL Certification course is the best option for those that want to teach in Nicaragua. You’ll be able to learn about the culture and customs in a welcoming community and also meet fellow TEFL alumni who are concentrated in Leon/Las Peñitas. See our tuition and dates, with discounts here.


3. Network! There are endless networking opportunities in Nicaragua for English teachers. Usually, the best way to find your first job is to just ask your professors and fellow alumni! There is a huge community of TEFL Graduates in Nicaragua and most of them are located in the major cities such as Leon and Managua because of the high demand for English teachers in these cities. Get to know your community of TEFL grads and they can help lead you in the right direction. Just ask your advisor to add you to the ITA Nicaragua Alumni Group.




4. Use our job search guidance support. If you take the 4 week TEFL Course in Nicaragua you will also attend a job workshop where one of the founders, who has assisted alumni just like you over the last five years, will present this to your class.  They will discuss the English teaching markets in Nicaragua and abroad so you are not limited to Nicaragua. If you take the online course or decide to move to Asia, Europe, etc. after graduating from our 4 week course, there is an entire department of people in our world headquarters dedicated to helping you find jobs around the world.



5. Need to save money? Teaching English online in Nicaragua is becoming more and more popular. If you’re wanting to save money while teaching abroad, or just want a more relaxed schedule and the ability to travel frequently, teaching English online may be the best option for you. Our ITA Nicaragua graduates who teach English online for 25 hours or less are saving on average $1000 a month due to the very low cost of living here.


100% of our graduates who look for jobs as English teachers in Nicaragua get hired to teach in person or online.


6. Follow the dress code in Nicaragua. Nicaraguan’s dress to impress, especially teachers, who are well respected in the community. If you want to find a teaching job and be respected in the classroom when teaching English, dressing the part is crucial. For men, it’s button down shirts and slacks, for women it’s long skirts/dresses and sleeves – even in 90F weather.  If you take the 4 week course in León/Las Peñitas you will be expected to dress conservatively when performing your practicum teaching hours, which our alumni say is the most valuable portion of the course. Understanding cultural norms is important for any English teacher abroad, not just when it comes to clothes.


7. Get a WhatsApp account. Most Nicaraguans and people living and working in Nicaragua use WhatsApp to communicate, including potential employers. It’s an easy way to text, voice call, and video call friends, co-workers and loved ones, or even schedule a taxi from the beach into town! It uses Wi-Fi, so if you bring your smartphone with you (and most of our students do) you do not need a prearranged plan to use it.


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