8 Reasons To Take Your TEFL Class In Nicaragua.

8. Nicaraguan Topography.

View of the mountains and valleys near Leon, Nicaragua, home of the International TEFL Academy NicaraguaNicaragua, “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” is a developing country with endless possibilities.  Nicaragua has something for everyone, from pristine coastlines, volcano hikes, abundant arrays of wild orchids, amazing local food, artisans, and shopping, Nicaragua is a feast waiting to be indulged in.  At about the size of Alabama, Nicaragua is a place where travel is easy and convenient.  As one of the safest place in Central America, Nicaragua is waiting to be explored by you.

7. The city of León and it’s beaches.

León is one of the most important cities in the country as well as one of the safest cities in all of Central America.  The center of León provides art galleries, museums, colorful colonial architecture and a beautiful Spanish colonial cathedral for you to start your exploration to this fascinating city.  León is close to Pacific beaches, volcano surfing, and turtle sanctuaries. León has a little bit of something for everyone.   León has three outdoor markets specializing in fresh local produce and baked goods.  A variety of coffee shops, local and international eateries, and enough bars and clubs to dance the night away at a new place every night of the week.

6. Live as a local, and be immersed in the culture and language.Central Market in the heart of Leon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is rich in Pre-Colombian as well as contemporary traditions and celebrations.  Every town in Nicaragua has its own versions of festivals and activities.  Many of the events happening in Nicaragua can be seen from the streets and local people as well as tourists are welcome to participate.  Local foods and dress can be found year round specific to each festival, as well as original artisan work and traditional crafts.  Spanish is a romantic language rich in literature hero’s such as Nicaragua’s own Ruben Dario, and Gioconda Belli .  Just walk the streets, and talk with many of the friendly local shop owners or street vendors, and your Spanish language skills will improve in no time.  If you fancy a more traditional approach to learning a language there are a variety of expert language schools where you can study Spanish at a time of your convenience.  One option is to make a friend who is looking to learn English and you can trade services.

ITA Nicaragua branch owners and son5. Pre-enrollment advice from experienced Nicaraguan transplants.

Take if from our admissions office; moving to a new country can be a challenging and awesome experience.  Our trained admissions advisers have experience in relocation, especially in Latin America and more specifically in Nicaragua.  In fact our Senior Admissions Adviser recently moved to Nicaragua with his wife and two year old son.  They can help put all of your fears to rest, and provide for you the advice you need to make your transition to Central America the best of your life.  Our staff has lived and taught in a variety of locations worldwide.  We are here to share our experiences with you.

4. Instruction provided by highly qualified instructors.Clara-Graduation-Day

With a combined experience of over twenty years of real world teaching, our instructors are here to help you develop into a professional English as a Foreign language teacher.  Our instructors have taught all over the world, and have years of first hand knowledge in Nicaragua.  They are here to be your liaison to culture and methodologies.

3. Live practicum teaching in a real Nicaraguan Classroom with real EFL students.

International standards by accrediting bodies insist that a professional-level TEFL certification must incorporate at least 6 hours of practicum teaching.  These accrediting bodies will not recognize a certification in TEFL that does not provided live practicum teaching into their program.  Furthermore, the majority of language institutions and schools around the world will not hire you if your TEFL certification does not include live practicum teaching with real EFL students.  Live practice teaching with real EFL students is a critical element for an accredited TEFL courses and our course goes a step further providing practicum hours for our teachers at the Centro de Idiomas of the UNAN Leon.  What is the “Centro de Idiomas” you ask.  The Centro is located just one block from the international TEFL Academy Nicaragua and is the most prestigious language center in all of Nicaragua.  Graduates of The International TEFL Academy Nicaragua will have the experience of completing their practicum hours within the Centro with real EFL Students.  They will be observed by their instructor, and have peer interaction with real teachers of English as a Foreign Language currently working at the Centro de Idiomas in Leon.  Completing your practicum hours at the Centro or with students from the Centro, you will work with students of Latin American descent who range in levels from advanced to beginner (no English skills).  This experience will be invaluable when working in latin America or around the world with EFL students.

Leon TEFL Students In The Classroom2. Comprehensive job search guidance, including workshops and seminars on finding English teaching jobs around the world.

All International TEFL Academy Nicaragua Students receive lifetime job search guidance, and the advantage of working with a live full time staff member.  Our staff members have personal experience in the competitive job market of English teaching.  During your class you will have personal experience with our staff members who will conduct workshops and help you to develop your ability to search for jobs not only in Nicaragua but worldwide.  You will be provided with the skills to develop your resume and cover letter, prepare for the interview process, and be provided with a detailed introduction to job markets in Nicaragua and worldwide.

All of International TEFL Academy Nicaragua Graduates receive a 170-page job search manual, contact information for top recruiters and more than 10,000 schools around the world, links to hundreds of specialized ESL job boards and list of top governmental English teaching jobs.

1. Earn a TEFL certification that is recognized worldwide and internationally accredited.International TEFL Academy Certificate

To prepare yourself for the best English as a foreign language jobs in Nicaragua or overseas, you need to receive the best training, and best certification possible.  This will prepare you to perform as a professional-level English Teacher and secure the best jobs out there.  International TEFL Academy’s Nicaragua certification course will prepare you to teach English as a foreign language anywhere and exceeds international standards specified by the British Council.  International TEFL Academy Nicaragua exceeds standards in academic training and coursework (180 hours- compared to the international standard of 100 hours) and practice teaching of 10 plus hours ( the international standard is 6 hours).

The curriculum studied by students of International TEFL Academy Nicaragua includes all points of teaching English as a foreign Language ; teaching English to business learners and children, lesson planning, classroom management, teaching methodologies, techniques and much more.

International TEFL Academy Nicaragua is accredited as a QCF level 5 course and is accredited by NCFE. As the highest level of accreditation QCF level 5 is recognized by schools and language institutes world wide as a benchmark for quality.

International TEFL Academy offers the only accredited TEFL certification course in the country of Nicaragua.  Because of this we have close professional relationships with prestigious Language programs here in Nicaragua and world wide.  If you want to take the highest quality TEFL Course in-person in Latin America, International TEFL Academy Nicaragua’s 4- week , 190 hour TEFL Class is the place for you.


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Download your free informational brochure

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