Alumni Referral Program

How about some extra money in your pocket for referring your friends to International TEFL Academy Nicaragua?

*Editor’s note: This page was updated 3/27/2018.

ITAN alumni referral program

  • Are you an International TEFL Academy Nicaragua graduate or current student?
  • Do you have friends or family who want to teach English in Nicaragua or abroad?
  • Do you have a travel blog or active social media presence?
  • Would you like to help them get a discount on their TEFL course and make some money for yourself?

50_bill If so, then we urge you to participate in the International TEFL Academy Nicaragua Alumni Referral Program.

 ITAN referral cash

It’s simple! For every person you refer to International TEFL Academy Nicaragua who registers for and starts a 4 week TEFL class, you receive a thank you of $ 50 and your referral also receives a $50 discount on their TEFL course!

And $50 can buy a lot of Tona’s! 

Here’s how it works:


 Mention your name.

Ask your friends and other referrals to mention the ITAN Referral Program whenever they fill out a contact form or call in to speak with an advisor. They must mention the Alumni Referral Program and your name to receive the discount and for you to receive a bonus!

Mention your admissions advisor.

Tell any referral to mention your TEFL advisor’s name when filling out a contact form or calling in so that the advisor can be sure to give your referral the discount and so that you can be paid when they begin their course .

If possible, email or call your advisor when you know that a referral will be contacting ITAN or enrolling in a course, so that they will know to apply the referral discount and referral bonus. We like to keep friends working with the same advisor.


Referral from your blog.referrals

When you list International TEFL Academy Nicaragua on your blog, website, or your Facebook page, mention the ITAN Alumni Referral Program and alert your readers that anybody who learns about ITAN from you (and mentions your name) will receive a $50 discount on their TEFL course.

List International TEFL Academy Nicaragua link

ITA-Horizontal-Logo-Nicaragua-black-type-head on your blog and/or the banner (to the right) to click and receive a brochure. Whenever somebody who finds ITAN through your blog or website enrolls and begins their course, you will receive a $ 50 referral bonus to be paid into your PayPal account. We have a tracking system and can tell who’s blog the person came from.

The small print:

This program applies to referrals who enroll for and start their TEFL course. You will receive your referral bonus when your referral begins their TEFL course.

All payments will be made through PayPal.

Only referrals who mention the ITAN Referral Program prior to enrollment will receive the $ 50 discount.




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