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Video: How To Get A Job Teaching English Online

How To Get A Job Teaching English Online. Find out how Ben and Evan got jobs teaching English online in Nicaragua.  Get the insider info on what it is like to take the 4 week TEFL course, to live in Leon, Nicaragua, what they had to do to get the online teaching jobs, and what […]

One thing I wish I knew about Nicaragua before I got there

  “I never thought I would say it, but I fell in love with the beauty and charm of the little city of León, Nicaragua and I have no doubt you will too.”   Written by Stephanie Wilson. Where did it all start? In reality, it started a few years ago, when I started to […]

Why I Chose Nicaragua For my TEFL Certification

    By Allie Rodriguez Allie is an ITA Nicaragua graduate and took her class in Leon in February 2017.   I was looking into getting TEFL Certified for a long time, but the question remained: where? I went back and forth between deciding to either take the online course, or the Chicago course, or […]

Gap Year

What to do After my Bachelors Degree or For a Gap Year

  Post Written by Emma Smith, May 2017   For me, teaching and living abroad was not a question of “if” but of “when”. I was fortunate enough to have been able to travel pretty extensively while I was in university and I also completed a six-month study abroad program in Amsterdam. Having done this, […]

3 Tips on How to Save Money Teaching English in Nicaragua!

3 Tips on How to Save Money Teaching English in Nicaragua! The following post was written by 24 year old, college graduate from Chicago, Illinois – Anna.  Anna took her TEFL/TESOL certification course in Leon, Nicaragua in June 2015, and has been teaching English to children, young adults, and adults ever since.  This is her […]

7 Expert Tips For Getting a Job Teaching English in Nicaragua

  Typical salary for English teachers in Nicaragua Depending on city and your level of education, $300 – $800 US dollars. Certified teachers from the US/Canada for example at the more prestigious schools in Managua with a Master’s degree can earn up to $1200 a month, but this is not typical. Types of students most […]

Teaching English to Children in Leon, Nicaragua

Teaching English to Children in Leon, Nicaragua    Written by ITA Nicaragua graduate Anna Colletti. The first time I visited Nicaragua was in 2011 and after just one visit, I knew I ultimately wanted to live here. After graduating college in 2015 with a degree in Urban Education, I knew I was ready to move […]

Technology in the classroom

Technology and the Modern TEFL/TESOL Teacher and Classroom

Technology and the Modern TEFL/TESOL Teacher and Classroom   To many people, it is no surprise that the use of computers and technology in the modern TEFL classroom has such a strong presence. To be a successful teacher, it is a must that you at least possess a working knowledge of the tools mentioned below.  […]

break even teaching English

What do breakeven wages mean when teaching English in Nicaragua?

What does breakeven even mean?   When figuring out where you want to teach in the world, money is always a big factor.  How much money will I make is always at the top of the list of questions people ask me. In this article, we are going to explain exactly what break even means, […]

English teachers in Leon Nicaragua

8 Tips For Women Living In Nicaragua Or Abroad.

By Amanda Denney I’ve lived and worked abroad for three years: two in a rural village in sub-Saharan West Africa and one in a vibrant university town called Leon (Burkina Faso and Nicaragua, respectively). I was asked to compile a list of tips for women because I kind of had my stuff together (but if […]

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