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English teachers in Leon Nicaragua

8 Tips For Women Living In Nicaragua Or Abroad.

By Amanda Denney I’ve lived and worked abroad for three years: two in a rural village in sub-Saharan West Africa and one in a vibrant university town called Leon (Burkina Faso and Nicaragua, respectively). I was asked to compile a list of tips for women because I kind of had my stuff together (but if […]

Is it safe for a single woman to teach English abroad?

Yes!  Approximately 60% of the 250,000 English teachers abroad are women, and while you may depart for your adventure teaching English abroad as a “single” woman, you will soon find that you are not alone as you begin your new life. There are typically 500 to 5,000 English teachers working and living in most major cities in Europe, Asia and South America, […]

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I am a certified teacher, do I need a TEFL/TESOL certification?

By Amanda Denney As a former licensed teacher in the United States, with a university degree in English education, a question I’m often asked is, “why did you pay for an EFL/ESL certification?” Since you’re already a licensed teacher with experience, you don’t really need that extra piece of paper, do you?   I came […]

What Is The Food And The Food Scene Like In Nicaragua?

Foodie Or Not: Nicaragua Has Some Amazing Cuisine! As the warm day turns to a cooler afternoon, local ladies set up various types of food stands, primarily referred to as fritangas.  The intoxicating smell is noticeable from blocks away, as are the plumes of smoke, that are all too telling that a fritanga is up ahead. Your mother […]

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A Day In The Life Of A TEFL Student

​ Editor’s note: This article was updated March 5th, 2018. Dedicated to all of our students success, ITA Nicaragua goes above and beyond to make sure that each individual student not only becomes a capable and professional EFL/ESL teacher that is confident in the classroom, but also that they have an amazing experience here in […]

I Don’t Speak Spanish-Can I Still Teach English In Nicaragua?

TEFL Graduate, And English Teacher In Leon, Nicaragua – Shelby Seavers. “I know English… I can teach English!” That was my first thought when exploring the idea of teaching English abroad. Then it hit me,  English is the only language I know! How can I live and teach in a country where I don’t speak the […]

5 Steps To Avoiding Culture Shock

  5 Steps To Avoiding Culture Shock! The first time I traveled to Central America, I was awestruck!  Pristine rain forests, immaculate beaches, tropical weather, the list goes on and on.  But there were these moments and feelings of intense isolation and loneliness.  I didn’t know Spanish, and it really affected how I interacted with the locals.  […]

8 Reasons To Take Your TEFL Class In Nicaragua.

8. Nicaraguan Topography. Nicaragua, “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” is a developing country with endless possibilities.  Nicaragua has something for everyone, from pristine coastlines, volcano hikes, abundant arrays of wild orchids, amazing local food, artisans, and shopping, Nicaragua is a feast waiting to be indulged in.  At about the size of Alabama, Nicaragua is […]

Best Practices For Safe Travel In Nicaragua

In this post of ‘Best practices for safe travel in Nicaragua’, you will learn and benefit from our’s and other ex-pat’s first hand experiences. For more information on safety in Nicaragua, view this blog post. Nicaragua is a safe place, and using these methods will keep you safe as well.    TAXI’S: Almost everyone that visits […]

What is the difference between the 4 week onsite, and the 11 week online class?

There are benefits to both the 4 week onsite TEFL course, and the 11 week online TEFL course, and ultimately the choice is up to you.  History proves that the overwhelming majority of people take the online course.  This post is here to highlight the main differences for you. TIME: It is necessary to understand what […]

4 steps to affordable travel insurance

Travel Insurance for less than $18.00 a month for one year.* Follow these simple steps to get affordable travel insurance for as little as $17.50 a month. Contact Alan Hoyt at STA travel to get a personalized quote: (Everyone’s personal health history is different, and may represent a higher than predicted price than listed […]

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