4 steps to affordable travel insurance

Travel Insurance for less than $18.00 a month for one year.*

Follow these simple steps to get affordable travel insurance for as little as $17.50 a month.

easy affordable travel insurance

easy affordable travel insurance

  1. Contact Alan Hoyt at STA travel to get a personalized quote: ahoyt@statravel.com

(Everyone’s personal health history is different, and may represent a higher than predicted price than listed above.)


  1. Provide the following information:

Full Name as per passport

Full US Address

Date of Birth

Beginning and end dates of coverage.


  1. Tell him that you will be a student at International TEFL Academy Nicaragua.
  2. The approval process usually takes 5-10 minutes, and payment can be made with major credit card over the phone.  You can see what is covered here and here.  (There are two policies.  One for short term, and one for long term.  Short term is 45days or less, and long term is for one year.)


What is the benefit to getting travel insurance? Nicaragua is a magnet for adventure seekers!  There is Volcano Boarding down Cerro Negro, hiking active volcanoes, and surfing in the Pacific Ocean.   With all of these great activities to participate in when you have some free time, there is also the potential for injuries.  It is better to be protected than to not be.

There you have it!  A super simple way to get affordable healthcare when you travel abroad.


**Please note that STA Insurance co. is not an affiliate or representative of International TEFL Academy Nicaragua.  They are acting independently as a third party company to help assist our students/graduates.**

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