Emergency Notification And Evacuation Procedures

ITA Nicaragua emergency notification and evacuation procedures. 

It is always better to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.  While living abroad in any country, there are always inherent risks, especially in developing countries.  Our student’s safety and success are our number one priority. By following our procedures, in the unlikely event that something does happen, you can refer to this and know exactly what to do.

All students must register with their home embassy counterpart in Nicaragua prior to arrival. This will ensure that all students are accounted for by their home country.  If you are a US citizen, here is the link to the Nicaragua STEP program.

Here is a link to other countries embassies:



All students are aware of best practices while living abroad and what to do if they encounter protests and or civil disobedience with police.  What to do if you experience a protest abroad.  All authorities say to avoid them at all costs, and that peaceful protests can change quickly.

It is also recommended to have a cell phone app, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Facetime to communicate with family and friends in your home country.  These can be downloaded and used with Wifi in all student housing.  There is also a phone at our house to call family in the US and Canada if you do not have a cell phone.

Email Chain Alert System.

Email communication is the best form of communication.  Onsite coordinator, Heather, has your email address and has grouped you with your 4-week classmates as a normal procedure for all TEFL classes.  All students have access to the internet, as it is a requirement of the 4 week TEFL class.

Heather will notify all 4-week students via email with specific instructions: Update and do nothing, wait for information, wait for transportation out of the country. When in doubt, do not leave your housing unless your immediate safety is threatened.  We know where all students live, and will not leave without all students present and accounted for.

If Evacuation is necessary.

Heather will notify private transportation, and arrange for all students in Las Peñitas to leave either to the Costa Rican border or to the Managua Airport via two trucks.  We will have our professional driver take us to either the border or the airport.  Our professional driver is Nicaraguan, and is familiar with all roads leading to and from both the airport and border, and can make informed decisions for best travel routes. (2-4 hours in the middle of the night.) If road passage is impossible, ITA Nicaragua staff can charter a private plane to the Managua Airport for $1400.  This airport is located approximately 10 miles from the campus location.

Evacuation route.  Leaving our house in Las Penitas, we will continue on to all student housing starting in a clockwise pattern from Casa Elisa, the TEFL housing, Sol y Mar, and exit Las Peñitas for either the airport or CR border.  Traveling in the middle of the night proves to be effective to avoid protesters and roadblocks.


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