Is Nicaragua Safe?

The answer is Yes.                                                         

**Editor’s note-This article was updated April 11th, 2015.**

It is the safest country in Central America actually!  And in this post, we will tell you what the experts have to say about Nicaragua.

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First and foremost, the experts from whom we get our information from to gauge what we can expect is what I am basing my information on; and can be confirmed by first hand knowledge of myself, and my family, traveling all over Nicaragua. There are citations in the form of hyperlinks  along the way for transparency.


1 Gallup Poll:  Gallup’s Law and Order Index, which is based on confidence in local police, feelings of personal safety, and self-reported incidence of theft has ranked Nicaragua as the highest in Latin America for this index in the region. See the 2013 results for the region below.

2013 Gallup Poll Law and Order Index Results

View article here.

2 Lonely Planet:  Probably hands down the go to resource for any world traveler.  If you haven’t picked one up yet, I highly suggest picking up the latest copy.   The latest one for Nicaragua was released October 2013, so it is current.  You can pick up a copy here.

In their latest book, they say this about Nicaragua: “Despite the fact that Nicaragua has one of the lowest crime rates in Central America, as a ‘wealthy’ foreigner you will at least be considered a potential target by scam artists and thieves.”

View article here.



3 International Living: Another Epic source of Information, primarily catering to the large retiring population, but still pertinent.

In one of there online articles they are quoted saying:

 “The Safest Central American Country in Which to Live”

“Without question, Nicaragua is a stable, safe, and peaceful country. It is true that Nicaragua is a developing country, but that does not mean it is unsafe. In fact, quite the opposite is true: Nicaragua is the second safest country in all of Latin America (behind Uruguay) and has a lower reported crime rate than France, Germany, and the United States.”

View article here. 


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4 El Nuevo Diario: This is a local paper describing Leon(Translated from Spanish):

León, the safest tourist destination”

“According to Nidia Waleska Martinez, an independent consultant in tourism development projects and former president of the Chamber of Tourism in León, CANTUR, this city as a tourist destination is the safest Central.”

View article here.

The word is out, and no longer do you have to be ‘adventurous’ to come to Nicaragua.  Traveling to Nicaragua is like that potato chip commercial: No one can visit just once.

Visiting Leon is like traveling in a time machine to that idealistic time my Grandparents always talked about.  There are bakeries, hardware stores, neighbors that actually come over and say ‘Hola!’, and a feeling of community and openness.  We have been graciously welcomed to Leon, and we hope to share those sentiments with you as well.


**Editor’s note-This article was updated April 11th, 2015.**



For more information on Nicaragua, and TEFL certifications, click the pic above.


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