Location of ITAN at The Beach in Las Peñitas/Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua

Location of International TEFL Academy Nicaragua at The Beach in Las Peñitas/Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua


Click here to view a PDF map of Las Penitas/Poneloya that you can download.


Leon Nicaragua TEFL class



In the above map, ITA Nicaragua is number 80.  All of our housing options at the beach are also listed on the map.


You are not alone when you are asking “Where in the world are the beaches of Las Peñitas/Poneloya, León, Nicaragua?” Nicaragua is in Central America, North of Costa Rica, and South of Honduras. Leon is the closest city that the beaches of Las Peñitas/Poneloya are near. Las Penitas is on the Pacific coast, and is a small, largely undiscovered beach town. 


Directions here in Latin America are quite a bit different if you are not familiar with them.  Our directions to the school are: From restaurant Barca de Oro, 1 block north, 1.5 blocks west, Las Peñitas, Leon, Nicaragua.  If you are coming by bus from Leon, please watch this informational video shot by one of our graduates on how to take public transportation here.  It is very cheap, and explains everything from cost to duration, and even lists stop off points of interest.




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