How to make the national drink of Nicaragua- The Macua.

Imagine yourself in a beachside restaurant.  You fill your lungs with the air from the cool, ocean breeze.  The sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  No, you are not dreaming, you are in Nicaragua!  What could possibly make this moment better?  A Macua!

What is a Macua you ask? It just happens to be the National drink of Nicaragua, and they are muy rico!

Nicaraguans are very proud of their rum and they have good reason to be. Rum is the main ingredients in a Macua, specifically Flor de Cana White Rum.  It is one of the most sought after rums in Latin America and has the trophy room to prove it. The rum is so popular that I have even found it in New York and Illinois in the USA.

On to the important part: What is in the drink and how do you make it? First, you need to get yourself some Flor de Cana clear rum.  Accept no substitutes.  Next, you will need Guava juice, lemon juice, sugar and ice. Mix two parts rum, two parts guava juice, and one part lemon juice.  Shake, pour over ice, and add sugar to taste.

The Maqua is just one of the many little secrets that are being discovered in Nicaragua.  Stay tuned to find out what other little gems are here and imagine yourself discovering them!


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