Nicaragua Hybrid Course

Hybrid Online/Onsite TEFL Class in Las Peñitas, Leon, Nicaragua

Take the 11-week online course, and then come to the beaches of Leon – Las Penitas/Poneloya for 1 week of observed practicum, and pre-enrollment advise and assistance before you come to Nicaragua. You can complete all of your 20 mandatory practicum hours at our volunteer program at the beach of Las Penitas just outside of Leon, Nicaragua. The Hybrid TEFL Class Tuition is an add-on to the ITA Accredited online TEFL certification.

Tuition: $450
Length: 1 week of observed student teaching practice in Las Penitas after you have completed your 150-hour online course. You can complete all of your 20-hour requirements here in Nicaragua.
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Nicaragua English Teaching TEFL ClassInternational TEFL Academy Nicaragua’s Hybrid class option is an add-on to the 11-week online course, with 1 week of observed practice teaching and invaluable feedback from one of our professors.  How do you know if your lesson was good, bad, or could use some improvement? After taking our hybrid course, you will be a fully functioning English teacher who is confident in the classroom.

Students complete the standard 11 weeks online TEFL class (young learners and business professional units for free if you so choose in weeks 12-14 as an option). Participating students can complete the online portion of the course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Students will receive basic Spanish introduction and classroom time with discussions lesson plan preparation with an instructor, and role play, before heading off to their teaching practicum in the evenings.

While in Las Penitas teacher trainees will receive:

  • One on One instructor feedback for 3 student teaching sessions (Beginner, intermediate, advanced level.) with real EFL learners.
  • Networking in person with other ITA Nicaragua students and alumni at scheduled 4 week TEFL class outings.
  • Advice and assistance in arrival into Las Penitas Nicaragua, housing assistance, and transportation from the airport.
  • Crash course on survival Spanish
  • Culture and sensitivity training,
  • Additional focused lesson plan development instruction,
  • Classroom management focus,
  • 2 hours of observation in EFL classroom
  • 6 hours teaching time with EFL students observed by one of our onsite professors, at our language school.
  • ITA specific job search guidance workshops during training

Requirements to participate in the hybrid in Leon, Nicaragua:

Complete one of International TEFL Academy’s online or onsite TEFL Certification clasNicaragua English Teaching TEFL Classses with 25 locations worldwide.

To participate in the on-site practicum/ teacher development you must complete all coursework from ITA’s online course.

What to expect while at the beach of Las Penitas, Nicaragua.

On the Friday before your hybrid course, teacher trainers will receive an orientation to the program as well as a tour/highlight of the attractions not to be missed while here in Las Penitas. There is a professor available throughout your planning time during the day to assist you with lesson planning. Please see the attached schedule below.

Interested in participating in the hybrid course through International TEFL Academy Nicaragua? Here is how to get started:

1. Contact your student affairs representative or call us directly at 1-708-357-3351. Schedule a time to speak with the Nicaragua onsite coordinator for more information about the hybrid course.

2. Choose a start date that works best for you.

3. Register with International TEFL Academy Nicaragua today.


Sample Hybrid Schedule (CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

2018 Hybrid – Teaching Practicum Schedule ITAN


2018 Hybrid Course Dates

July 8-13

August 12 – 17

September 16–21

October 21-26

November 25-30



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