Teach English In One of Central America’s Most Beautiful Locations: Nicaragua

By Gabriela Fernandez 

  • Do you picture yourself teaching English in a great destination not so far from home but offering a totally different cultural experience?
  • Do you see yourself enjoying beautiful landscapes and great people?
  • Can you picture yourself teaching in a place flanked by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other side?
  • Well, that dream country exists: and it’s called Nicaragua!

Colonial architecture, tropical islands, white sandy beaches, red and black volcanoes, tranquil lakes, cloud forests, diverse flora and fauna, warm people and great food are just some of what Nicaragua has to offer. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America south of Mexico, and is located within the tropics between Honduras and Costa Rica.

Nicaragua is also one of the fastest growing job markets for teaching English in Central America. It offers a low cost of living and the lowest crime rates in the region.  In addition, unlike Costa Rica and Panama, which have been favored destinations for tourists and retirees from the U.S. and Canada for decades, Nicaragua remains largely undiscovered by tourists and foreigners.

Nicaragua is a country of 6 million and boasts a multi-ethnic population that includes indigenous peoples, Europeans, Africans, Asians and those with Middle Eastern origins. Spanish is the primary language, but many indigenous dialects, including Miskito, Sumo and Rama, are also spoken. The many cultural influences that have shaped Nicaragua over the centuries can be seen anywhere and everywhere, from local markets to university classrooms, and in the various culinary treats that can be enjoyed throughout the country.

If you are interested in teaching English in Nicaragua, here the top 4 places that you can’t miss while exploring this hidden gem of a nation that largely remains off the radar of tourists!!!


One of the oldest cities in Central America, Granada is colorful and filled with historical and cultural treasures.  A fantastic combination of churches, museums, boutique hotels, cobbled streets and delicious food have made of Granada one of the great destinations in Central America.


Capital of the country, Managua was only recently ravaged by decades of civil war and political strife, but in recent decades the city has rebounded and been rebuilt. Managua is known as “Daughter of war” and “City of peace” with roots that date back to prehistoric times. With a population of 1.4 million people Managua is the primary political and economic center of the country.

This beautiful city is surrounded by the Mamotombo volcano, and also offers a great variety of restaurants, bars and cultural attractions. It makes a great base for exploring Nicaragua’s beaches, tropical forests and volcanic lakes.

Leon and Northern Nicaragua

The traditional city of Leon is located about 56 miles from Managua and was for many years the main political, military, artistic, cultural, intellectual and religious center of the country. Today it is the second largest city of Nicaragua.Colonial architecture, churches, and great food make of this city a charming place to visit and enjoy. From Leon enjoy a cruise to Juan Venado Island, a really important natural reserve of the country, famous as a vital coastal wetland region.  Also from Leon, climb “Cerro Negro” Volcano, and don’t forget to delight yourself with a mojito made by locals or the fantastic “Flor de Caña” Rum (One of my favorites…) Salud!

The Corn Islands

Located about 45 miles off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the Corn Islands is the paradise you dream about in the dead of winter! Here, turquoise waters, palms tree and white sand make this peaceful, undeveloped, and laid back place a great destination to discover and just relax! The islands offer great hiking and the surrounding waters provide some of the best diving and snorkeling in the entire Caribbean!

Nicaragua is a country where travel is easy, and find outdoors adventures comes with it. If you are interested in teaching English in Nicaragua or  any other destination: contact us!

Teach English abroad, you have the world in your hands, pick your destination!

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