Technology and the Modern TEFL/TESOL Teacher and Classroom

Technology and the Modern TEFL/TESOL Teacher and Classroom

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To many people, it is no surprise that the use of computers and technology in the modern TEFL classroom has such a strong presence.

To be a successful teacher, it is a must that you at least possess a working knowledge of the tools mentioned below.  It will allow you more time to focus on your students and your lesson planning, and be a successful and professional EFL teacher.English teaching nicaragua

The use of software is a growing necessity for teachers all over the world.  Whether it is as simple as using Microsoft software such as Word, Powerpoint, or EXcel spreadsheets, Google services such as Docs, and the Drive, and other online platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard, and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Edmodo. Skype is also a very popular medium for communication overseas.  (Teachers may have to interview, and even teach online via various platforms including Skype.)

When presenting to students, colleagues, and supervisors, you may have to connect to a projector and share a PowerPoint presentation with them.  You may also have to connect to speakers, printers, and other electronic devices.  If your PC or MAC doesn’t have a HDMI or VGA port, you may need to get a toggle that connects these devices with a USB port.  (Do not waste your time with a Chromebook, tablet, or a computer without at least a USB port. A laptop is required for this course.  Chromebooks and tablets are not permitted for multiple reasons, including the inability to connect to other devices.

English Jobs NicaraguaWhen it comes to lesson planning, many people perform research, and gather all sorts of resources online, with their computer.  It can be anything from a video, a listening exercise, or simply performing some grammatical fact checking.

Also, the use of a thumb drive, or jump drive will aid in the way you save documents and other resources.  It makes portability to the printer’s much easier than carrying your laptop.


Another reality is that you are going to have to use these tools and skills in your 4 week TEFL/TESOL course.  It is an expectation of the class that you do possess this knowledge prior to taking your course, and it can be the difference between an A or a C or worse – failure.  (Your grades will be printed on your TEFL/TESOL certification.)


So, as you can see, it will benefit you and your students immensely to think of technology as your friend.  Just in case you are not tech savvy, we have some simple tutorials for you to brush up on before your class.

teahing english nicaragua, teaching english costa rica

All Microsoft Software tutorials including Word and Powerpoint.

Moodle walk through and tutorial.

Google Drive Tutorial.


You are only in your certification course for a brief 4 weeks, you will need every moment to count so that you may get the most of your certification course, and be the best teacher you can be.


Here is a draft schedule for the 4 week TEFL class in Leon for your reference.  As you can see, you will be very busy, especially for the first two weeks/weekends.  (Don’t worry, we plan fun events for you on the weekends like going to the beach, pool, or volcano boarding.)




So in closing, technology has a strong presence in the TEFL classroom, and when you are teaching English abroad.  We want you to be as successful as a graduate at ITA Nicaragua, and having the correct expectation before you arrive will help you become an amazing EFL teacher.




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