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If you want to speak to an advisor now, don’t wait, just pick up the phone and call us now! We love to help people see the world. Call 708-357-3351.

You will also be provided with your advisor’s direct office phone number to reach Monday – Friday. We are typically available to speak between 10 am and 7 pm Central Time in Leon, Nicaragua.

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a) If you are from a non native English speaking country other than Nicaragua.

b) If you have indicated you are TEFL Certified, we will not be contacting you.  We only provide job assistance for our own graduates.  If mistakenly filled out the form incorrectly please call or reply to the email and state you are interested in our TEFL classes.


Information and Brochures: 

a) This is a link to our downloadable Teaching Abroad & TEFL Certification  Brochure, it is a 3.2 meg pdf so allow time for downloading. 

b)  This is a link to a world teaching country chart linked to individual country profiles.   If you wish the downloadable pdf file for printing click here.

c) This link will take you to our TEFL Courses Tuition and Dates.

d) Article on 6 steps to teaching abroad in Nicaragua, and Get TEFL Certified In The Buzzing University Town Of Leon, Nicaragua.

e) FAQs and Articles about teaching English abroad and TEFL certification are listed here.  We have over 100 articles to help you navigate this new world and educate yourself to make a qualified decision.  You can also sign up for our blog feed from these articles.

f) Alumni: We train over 1,500 new graduates a year who are teaching around the world.
Check out their country Q&A’s, aritcles, their blogs, and testimonials.

Please read through the brochure, country chart and TEFL classes, it will cover most of your important concerns.  We recommend you write down your questions and either call your assigned TEFL admission advisor or send an email. 

Phone calls are best to fully discuss your teaching abroad options and a TEFL TESOL training class that fits your needs, timelines and budget to teach overseas.  We take pride in taking the time to give accurate and truthful information and advice to help make this a reality for you to teach English abroad as a trained TEFL TESOL instructor.

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