The Life of a Nicaraguan English Teacher

Daily life of a Nicaragua English TeacherThough most teachers teach and give private tutoring lessons, there is plenty of time to enjoy life in Nicaragua.  Most teachers work and average of 25-30 hours a week including any private tutoring that they may do and have plenty of time and income to enjoy life.  Different from teaching in the United States where often teachers work from sun up to sun down, most teachers in Nicaragua work an abbreviated day with minimal stress and lots of free time.  This leaves teachers in Nicaragua free to participate in endless activities.  Whether your idea of a good time is curled up in a hammock reading a good book or enjoying the nightlife and dancing till dawn.  In Nicaragua there is something for everyone.

One of the great advantages of being a teacher in Nicaragua is all of the free time you have to travel and involve yourself in the culture that is Nicaragua.  Most places in Nicaragua are available to you within a day’s travel or less.  As well as most cities have great places to stay under twenty American dollars a night.  Most towns offer hostels with a shared room for between 5-8 dollars a night and private rooms with private bath from 15-20 dollars a night.  Most of these accommodations have kitchen and free wi-fi for your endless use.   If you don’t feel like cooking there is little to worry about, an average cost for a meal in Nicaragua is $6.00 US dollars with a beer.

Dining as an English Teacher in NicaraguaAh adventure you ask?  Well here in Nicaragua there are more virgin forests than anywhere else in the region.  Active Volcanoes dot the horizon calling to each traveler climb me, surf me, get lost in my beauty.  Need a beach? Nicaragua has them.  White and black sand beaches, with sick waves and hatching turtles, just name your pleasure.  There are towns of fisherman, craftsmen, artists and medical naturalist.  As if that was not exciting enough there and endless streets and shops in the down town area of the beautiful colonial cities that stretch across Nicaragua.

When in the living location of your choosing you will find museums, great food, and extraordinary people.  If you need a little comfort from home, you can choose to spend your day among expats or tourists.  Or you could choose to spend an afternoon with the Nicaraguan family next door.  There are many organizations that offer Salsa lessons, Spanish lessons,  painting, Yoga and conversation clubs for free or for a very small fee.  Here in Nicaragua you can surf in the morning, have lunch with a friend at one of the many outdoor eateries, take your siesta, and attend an evening poetry reading all while meeting your teaching obligation for that day.

Sightseeing as a English Teacher in NicaraguaThe life of an English Teacher in Nicaragua is vast and integrated.  Teachers are widely respected culturally and welcomed by many.  The Nicaraguans, as a general rule, love to have and host foreigners.  You will find yourself being invited into many homes and building your family abroad.

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