Vision Statement

Our goal is simple: To improve the world

through International Education and Cultural Exchange.

Located in the beach town of Las Peñitas, Nicaragua and reaching out to students fromall corners of the globe, ITA’s mission is to…


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  1. Educate: [ej-oo-keyt] verb, -cat·ed, -cat·ing. verb (used with object) To develop the faculties and powers of a person by teaching, instruction, or schooling.
  2. Inspire: [in-spir] verb, -spired, -spir·ing. verb (used with object)
    To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.
  3. Guide: [gide] verb, guid·ed, guid·ing, noun verb (used with object)
    To travel through, or reach a destination in an unfamiliar area, to provide a roadmap giving direction to the person.

International TEFL Academy was founded on the premise that language education offers English speakers from all backgrounds the opportunity of a lifetime to experience other cultures and build relationships abroad while providing a worthy service to others. Combining a wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence we provide the finest training and personal guidance to enable students from all walks of life to live their dreams of exploring the world while teaching English. We are committed to complete transparency and integrity in representing who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

We Believe:

  • All students have a fundamental right to receive instruction from a trained professional teacher.
  • All teachers have a responsibility to their students to provide them with the best possible educational experience, which requires professional-level training.
  • English language education enables millions of global citizens to enhance their lives by learning English and makes our world a better place by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding through cultural exchange.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language provides English speakers from all walks of life with one of the greatest vehicles and most realistic opportunities to live an extraordinary life abroad.

Our Commitment:

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To provide our students with the training and guidance that will enable them to travel the world while teaching English and providing a quality educational experience abroad as a trained English teacher.

International TEFL Academy Team:

The staff at International TEFL Academy work together as a team to achieve one goal: to ensure that our students realize their dreams of going abroad to teach, travel, and explore. All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally. Now, we seek to empower our students to share in the experience of discovering new cultures, exploring the world, and becoming true global citizens while teaching English abroad.

Pre-enrollment Advice:

From their first contact with ITA, to the day they go abroad, our students receive personal guidance from trained and experienced staff members. Before registering for a course, all students are provided with comprehensive pre-enrollment advice from expert advisors to determine how they can realistically achieve their goals of working as professional English teachers abroad. From certification options to the realities of the international job market, our commitment is for each student to embark on their adventure fully informed and prepared in a manner that enables them to succeed.

TEFL / TESOL Certification Courses:

International TEFL Academy offers  190 hour, level 5, professional TEFL / TESOL certification courses in Leon Nicaragua. (Equivalent to a CELTA course.)

We are proud that all of our courses meet or exceed professional international standards:

  • International accreditation our course is a level 5 TEFL/TESOL certification course with external verification and accreditation by TQUK, a known authority on the subject of TEFL/TESOL
  • Our course meets or exceeds these international standards with 180 hours of academic work and 6 hours of live practice teaching, with a personal observer and feedback within 24 hours. 
  • Instruction is provided by highly qualified university-level professors with extensive experience teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Limited class sizes to ensure individual attention from instructors.

Our course is designed to provide students with the skills and confidence to become professional English teachers abroad. The quality and accreditation of our courses enable our students to successfully gain employment in schools and language institutes around the world.

Lifetime Job Search Guidance:

Following enrollment, students receive lifetime job search guidance to assist them in navigating the

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international job market, gaining employment, and preparing to travel and live abroad. Services include pre-departure advice and the following resources:

  • Personal guidance from an experienced Job Search Advisor
  • Comprehensive job search manual detailing all aspects of the hiring process and job markets worldwide
  • Contact information for more than 8,000 schools and language institutes around the globe
  • Referrals to preferred recruiters, placement agencies, and language schools
  • Job interview assistance and international resume and cover letter development
  • Listings of hundreds of ESL job boards and other useful online resources

These services are lifetime, so students and graduates have the confidence that they will always be able to call on our resources and expertise.


As a part of our commitment to global causes, we actively contribute to local charities and organizations, such as Proyecto Barrilete.  We also provide subsidized EFL lessons to our neighbors in the Zaragoza neighborhood.  More info on our volunteer project.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
-Mark Twain

These are words that all employees of the International TEFL Academy believe. Each of us have personally experienced the journey that comes with international travel and teaching abroad. Let us be your guide to the world by becoming a certified English teacher through International TEFL Academy Nicaragua.


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